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30 content ideas for your corporate channels

30 content ideas for your social media posts

Below we have listed 30 content ideas for social media posts for your company channels:

  1. Share news and updates from your company or industry.
  2. Publish inspirational quotes or words of wisdom that fit your brand or company.
  3. Introduce your employees and share their stories and experiences.
  4. Offer your followers an insight into the everyday life of your company by giving them a look behind the scenes.
  5. Start a poll or ask a question to get feedback from your followers.
  6. Share tips and tricks that will help your followers improve their lives or businesses.
  7. Post appealing images and videos that represent your brand or your products in a creative way.
  8. Share interesting articles, blog posts or infographics related to your industry or business.
  9. Publish funny or entertaining content, such as memes or funny videos that match your brand.
  10. Take part in current trends and challenges to showcase your brand and achieve greater reach.
  11. Publish tutorials or instructions that help your followers learn skills or solve their problems.
  12. Share customer reviews and feedback to strengthen the trust and credibility of your brand.
  13. Start a challenge or campaign in which your followers can participate.
  14. Post positive news or events from your community or neighborhood.
  15. Present interesting facts or statistics that are relevant to your industry or company.
  16. Share the story or history of your company or brand.
  17. Post content based on current holidays or seasonal events.
  18. Publish guest articles or interviews with people who are active in your industry or work in your company.
  19. Share insights and opinions on the latest news or developments relevant to your industry.
  20. Start a fundraising campaign or get involved with a charitable organization to encourage your followers' commitment to a good cause.
  21. Share insights into your product development or show the creation process of your products.
  22. Post inspirational images or videos that help your followers to unleash their creativity.
  23. Present questions or discussion points to stimulate a discussion among your followers.
  24. Publish checklists or guides to help your followers organize their work or life.
  25. Share insights into your work culture or your company to inspire potential employees.
  26. Publish interesting facts or fun facts about your industry or your company.
  27. Share stories or experiences of customers who have used your products or services.
  28. Post success stories of employees or customers who have benefited from your company.
  29. Offer exclusive offers or discounts for your social media followers.
  30. Share expert opinions or guest posts from people who work in your industry.
Finally new content ideas for my social media channels

Nowadays, it is more important than ever for companies to build a strong social media presence. One of the key components of a successful social media strategy is to regularly publish interesting and relevant content on the various platforms to engage and inform the target audience. However, it is not always easy to generate creative and engaging content on a regular basis that captures the attention of your target audience on social media.

Content ideas can help here. By creating different content ideas, companies can ensure that their social media posts are more relevant and interesting. With good content ideas, companies can ensure that their target group engages with their company and builds a stronger relationship with their brand in the long term.

An essential part of regular and interesting social media posts is finding enough good ideas for your content. Implementation is usually much easier if you already have the result in mind.

In cooperation with #postingwerkstatt, we work with you to find ideas and also document them in the ideas list function of our #postingwerkstatt web app, which can be viewed by both parties at any time.

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