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New social media posts every week.

Comprehensive support for your company channels.

Post creation. Publication. Reach extension. Moderation.

Everything from a single source.
All in one web app.

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The #postingwerkstatt at a glance

Professional post creation
from the best social media managers.

We create professional and individual posts for your channels.
Images, graphics, videos, texts, hashtags.

Including time-saving Share your posts via our #postingwerkstatt web app.

Professional post creation with the #posting workshop
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New followers & likes with every post.

Your social media manager ensures a growing community on your channels every day. Our focus here is on Quality before quantity.
After all, what's the point of having lots of followers if they're not actually interested in your topic?

Professional moderation.

Take care of your actual work while we take care of the rest. Real time take care of replying to comments and direct messages on your channels.

On your behalf, according to agreed specifications, for a professional experience for your prospects and customers.

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The #postingwerkstatt web app


Social media dashboard in the #postingwerkstatt web app

Your dashboard gives you an overview of the most important functions and figures.

List of ideas

List of ideas in the #posting workshop web app

In the ideas list, we work with you on ideas in preparation for your contributions. Among other things, you can upload images and videos directly from your device here.

Postal release

Mail approval in the #postingwerkstatt web app

You can view and approve prepared contributions ("posts") directly via the web app, or submit them for revision.

Planning view

Planning view in the #posting workshop web app

You can see all planned contributions at a glance in our planning view.

Monthly reports

View the monthly reports in the #postingwerkstatt web app

Monthly reports on specific and easy-to-understand key figures are displayed directly in your web app. You also receive a report from your social media manager every month and an email as soon as it is ready.

We stand for simple and effective cooperation.
We are of course also available for you by telephone and in person at any time.

How to get started with the #postingwerkstatt


Make an appointment

Get to know us and we will explain to you in detail how the collaboration works and clarify any open questions.

You can already register in advance via our Configurator Put together your individual package.



In our onboarding appointment, we work with you to define a strategy, determine your target group and your goals, discuss initial ideas and then create the first draft articles.

Depending on your location, we can carry out this appointment at your premises or online.


First posts

A few days (usually 1-3 working days) after our onboarding appointment, the first posts will be approved by you and published on your channels.

At the same time, we start our reach-building activities and respond to comments and direct messages.