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Social media support with the #postingwerkstatt - how it works.

The central elements of #postingwerkstatt are our web app and your personal social media manager. This is how we guarantee efficient and professional support for your social media channels.

We would be happy to show you in detail what working with us looks like.

the #postingwerkstatt web app.
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Strategy development and onboarding

At the beginning of our collaboration, we get to know you and your company in detail and work with you to develop a suitable, basic social media and content strategy.

We also explain in detail how to use our web app for optimal collaboration.


Upload ideas and pictures / videos

You can enter ideas in the ideas list at any time.
Images and videos can be uploaded for each idea and further information can be added in the form of bullet points.

The list of ideas is also filled in by your social media manager and used as the basis for regular meetings.

#postingwerkstatt Web app idea list
Moderation and replying to messages with the #posting workshop


Creation of your posts

Based on the ideas, images and other media collected, #postingwerkstatt creates your contributions.

Photos and videos are edited, processed and provided with your branding.

Texts / captions are formulated and attractively designed. In addition, hashtags are determined and continuously optimized.


Approval workflow

All contributions will be submitted to you for approval before publication.

Here you have the option of approving the contribution or submitting it for revision with a comment.

During the approval process, you can also see when and on which platforms the article will be published.

#postingwerkstatt Web app mail release
#postingwerkstatt Web app monthly reports


Interactions and reports

We take care of maximizing the reach of your channels every day.

In order to make the success of our activities visible and to optimize them further, you will receive a report for each month within our web app with the most important key figures and an individual short report.

Personal advice from our social media managers

Your social media manager will be on hand to provide you with help and advice at all times during our collaboration.
Together we will take your social media channels forward step by step!

We connect companies with people via social media.

Not being active on social media as a company is not only a waste of opportunity, but can also have a negative impact on your public image.

Take advantage of #postingwerkstatt's social media support and work with us to take your company's digital presence to the next level.

A web app that no one else has.

We combine creativity with effectiveness and efficiency.

We have developed the #postingwerkstatt WebApp together with our customers and employees specifically for social media support, creating a comprehensive and efficient solution that enables us and our customers to deliver our social media service with maximum effectiveness.

This leaves more time for creative ideas and implementation, while keeping costs and effort clearly within limits.