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#postingwerkstatt configurator explained by Jan Fohler

The new #postingwerkstatt configurator is online!

"What does it actually cost to manage our social media accounts via #postingwerkstatt?"

In 2022, we introduced our packages, providing our customers and interested parties with a flexible, but above all transparent pricing model.

The three packages differed primarily in the number of posts. 1, 3 or 5 posts per week. All other services were almost identical.

"Can we also book two contributions? One is too few, three is too many."

We have always been flexible in this respect, but we always had the feeling that this question was difficult for you. You don't always want to have an extra sausage...

Even more flexibility with our #postingwerkstatt configurator!

We are now making it even easier for you!

You can now use our configurator to put together your own #postingwerkstatt package. You can not only determine the number of weekly posts yourself. You can also freely define other essential service contents, such as replying to comments and direct messages or the intensity of the reach build-up.

You are also shown your personal, individual price directly in the configuration and therefore know in advance, at least financially, what you are getting into.

Click HERE for the #postingwerkstatt configurator!

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