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Increase Instagram reach for your corporate channels

Maximize your Instagram channel’s reach. From strategic planning to execution - our service helps you gain more followers, increase visibility, and effectively present your brand. Let us take your Instagram presence to the next level.

Instagram support with the #posting workshop
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Daily interaction with relevant accounts

Many business profiles often have a low reach despite regular posts.

Without active interactions on Instagram, this often remains unchanged and your posts reach hardly anyone.

Simply “liking away” is not enough. Interactions should be just as strategically planned as your posts.

When expanding your Instagram channel’s reach, quality is more important than quantity.We help you increase your Instagram reach through targeted and thoughtful interactions, making your posts more visible.

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Increase Instagram reach with #postingwerkstatt.

Actively liking other, relevant posts.

Follow other relevant accounts.

Customized by our social media experts to fit your business.

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In Germany, using German iOS devices.

Customized reach strategy included.

“We post three times a day, but nothing happens - our Instagram reach doesn’t increase.”

“Just going for it” rarely works with complex topics. It requires a plan, a strategy, and a goal that is concrete and realistic.

With #postingwerkstatt’s service, increasing your Instagram reach becomes an integral part of our work. We help you develop a structured approach to make your posts more visible and gain more followers.

Effective collaboration through
the #postingwerkstatt web app.

Building reach and effective collaboration? No problem!

We have developed a web app that allows you and us to centrally and efficiently manage Instagram reach building.

We are still available by phone, email, and in person to coordinate details or discuss more complex changes and ideas.

the #postingwerkstatt web app.

Transparent pricing for building your reach.

With our #postingwerkstatt reach configurator, you can easily and transparently put together the desired services yourself!

We want you to see how we work upfront. At #postingwerkstatt, there are no hidden costs or surprise bills.

Use the #postingwerkstatt configurator to put together your personalized scope of services with just a few clicks. The monthly terms for your configuration are displayed immediately. No email address or anything else is required.

f you still have any questions beforehand, we are of course always happy to receive your call or email!

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