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Content ideas for companies in 2024

Instagram inspiration: 10 creative & topical content ideas for companies in 2024

Let's navigate together through ten creative content ideas for companies that will not only bring a breath of fresh air to your Instagram feed, but also ensure that your company is not only seen, but understood in 2024. Let's go!

  1. Digital transformation in action: Share insights into your company's current digital developments and encourage your followers to share their own experiences and opinions on this topic. Does your company use particularly up-to-date and modern technology and/or working methods? Show this!
  2. Focus on diversity: Start a series showcasing different team members to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of your organisation. Your company probably wouldn't "function" without you and your employees. Don't hide yourself and your colleagues, but introduce them to your audience.
  3. Current industry trends: Discuss the latest developments in your industry in short videos or posts and invite your followers to share their thoughts. Stimulate discussions and show that you are dealing with current and important topics. (Tip: Posts with a lot of discussion are displayed much more frequently than posts without comments).
  4. Ask your audience: Start a weekly Q&A session where you ask your followers about their wishes, opinions or ideas on current topics. This not only creates engagement, but also provides valuable insights into the needs of your target group.
  5. Current events: Refer to current events, be it local celebrations, global events or special days, and show how your company participates in or supports them. Even if you are not actively "participating", it will be positive if you mention and support local or industry events.
  6. Workplace diaries: Let your employees present their workplace and tell you what they love about their work. This gives a personal insight and promotes a positive working environment. It is always surprising what a positive effect the smallest insights into "real" everyday situations can have. The workplaces in your company do not have to be "spotlessly clean". You can be sure that this will not always be the case in other companies either.
  7. Talk to the founders: Start a series in which the founders or managers of your company provide insights into their experiences and perspectives. There is often a long-standing and/or special story of one or more people behind the founding of a company, which is very exciting. Even if the founders are sometimes not even aware of this. "Interesting life stories" are usually very well received.
  8. Local favourites: Feature local businesses, restaurants or events to support the local community and collect recommendations from your followers. This not only makes you look engaging to those who support you. People may also help you in the future with a story or even a post on current topics from your business.
  9. The year in pictures: Share a visual summary of your company's key events and milestones over the past year and encourage your followers to share their own highlights. Creating such a year in review can not only be fun, it also often gives you good ideas for further posts or even optimisations within the company.
  10. Insider tip of the week: Surprise your followers with a weekly insider tip - be it an undiscovered restaurant, a hidden function of your product or a special trick in everyday working life. Sharing your own knowledge may sometimes sound a little "simple", because you will often think "nobody will be interested in that anyway" or "everyone knows that". You will be surprised ...

We hope you have enjoyed our inspirational content ideas for businesses in 2024 and have opened up new perspectives for the creative design of your company profile. In the ever-growing world of social media, it is crucial to keep up with current trends while maintaining your individual corporate identity.

It often helps to simply make a start and try out different ideas. You will then realise relatively quickly which type of content works for your target audience and which works less well. Also try out different content formats such as self-created images and videos. "Real" content usually works much better than simply using stock content.

If you're interested in taking your Instagram presence to the next level and working with us to tell your company's unique story, we're here to help. Our experienced team at #postingwerkstatt not only has the creativity, but also the know-how to optimise your social media strategy and reach your target group even better.
At #postingwerkstatt, you not only receive valuable content ideas for companies, but also comprehensive, simple and worry-free support. From brainstorming and creating social media posts to publishing them, building reach for your channels and responding to comments and direct messages.

Fancy a non-binding initial consultation? Let's go!

You can also find more content ideas for companies in our blog post from 2023: "30 content ideas for social media posts for your company!"

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