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The social media agency with the web app.

Comprehensive support for your corporate channels.
Brainstorming. Preparation of articles. Publication. Moderation.

The new 2024 planning view in the desktop view of the #postingwerkstatt web app
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Social media agency rethought.

With our #postingwerkstatt web app and our in-house team of top social media managers and media designers, our social media agency manages over 150 corporate channels in the D-A-CH region.

We stand for clear, simple and transparent processes.

Starting with the transparent communication of our prices in our #postingwerkstatt configurator, through free, personalised advice in advance and an innovative onboarding process, to the joint development of ideas and the simple approval workflow for finished contributions via our #postingwerkstatt web app.

With us, you not only know what to expect at 100%, you also have full control over all publications at all times and can always reach someone personally by phone or e-mail during the week.

Social media agency or app developer?

We have combined both in the #postingwerkstatt.

Using the standard functionality of our in-house developed #postingwerkstatt web app, we map all the necessary functions that we need for simple and efficient collaboration with our social media agency clients.

Starting with the ideas list, which both you and we can use to post ideas for new articles. With just a few clicks, ideas can be collected in one central location. Including media data (images, videos, ...), texts, information, links, hashtags, ... .

The posts prepared for your company channels are not published just like that. You will receive an Instagram preview of all posts in advance from us within our web app. You can enter revision requests quickly and easily.

Only when you have approved your contribution will it be published at the desired time and on the platforms you have booked.

Confusing Excel lists, like most other social media agencies? Not with #postingwerkstatt! Our planning view shows you upcoming and past social media posts for your channels in a clear calendar view at any time.

Social media dashboard in the #postingwerkstatt web app
Jan Fohler Social Media Agency #postingwerkstatt

Jan Fohler

Still not quite sure what you need?

I would be happy to advise you personally - by phone or on site.

In an uncomplicated, (of course) free initial consultation, we will look at your current status and your goals together. I will show you and explain our #postingwerkstatt web app and how our social media agency works.

Please feel free to call me or write to me.