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The social media service for your corporate channels.

From brainstorming to post design with image / video and text, to publishing and responding to comments and messages, we take care of all aspects of your company's social media accounts.

Social Media Full Service #postingwerkstatt

Create creative and regular posts

Over 83% of our customers stated that before the #postingwerkstatt they found it difficult to create and publish posts regularly. This was mainly due to a lack of ideas and time.

"Social media was always put on the back burner".

Simply put: then it can't work. Social media marketing requires constant and ongoing maintenance and optimisation in order to achieve truly effective results.

Professional post creation with the #posting workshop

We take over the complete creation of your posts for you.

Finding ideas together.

Writing texts / captions.

Create and edit images, graphics and videos.

Determine and optimise hashtags.

Planned publication of your contributions.

Daily interaction with other accounts

If you look at the social media accounts of many companies, you often realise that a post often only has a small reach, even if it is posted regularly.

Without active interaction on the respective platform, this will rarely change and your posts will hardly be seen by anyone in the future.

However, simply "liking it" is unfortunately not enough. Interactions should be just as well thought out as the design of your posts.

Because when building the reach of your company channels Quality before quantity in every case.

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We ensure that your channels have a wide reach.

Actively like other, relevant posts.

Follow other relevant accounts.

Meaningful comments on other posts.

Answering and moderating messages

Have you ever been on hold for minutes on end? Maybe even filled out a contact form and waited days for an answer?

How do you think your customers feel if you don't respond to them promptly after they send you an enquiry via Facebook or Instagram?

Exactly - the company is seen as unreliable and sluggish and alternatives are sought.

Der Social Media Service der #postingwerkstatt kümmert sich für Sie genau darum und beantwortet Nachrichten und Kommentare auf Ihren Kanälen zeitnah.

Moderation and replying to messages with the #posting workshop

We answer messages and comments in real time.

Replying to direct messages.

Answering comments and questions.

Forwarding of specific enquiries.

Transparent pricing for our social media service.

"We post three times a day - but nothing happens - social media doesn't work for us."

As is the case in many areas, "just go for it" does not work with a certain level of complexity.

You need a plan. A strategy. A goal.
As concrete as possible. As realistic as possible.

With the #postingwerkstatt social media service, your strategy is an integral part of our work.

We develop your social media strategy.

Develop and optimise a social media strategy.

Define and track goals.

Common target group definition.

Analysing your competitors and rivals.

Effective collaboration via our web app

A flood of emails and chaotic collaboration? Not with us!

Wir haben eine Web-App entwickelt, die es den Kunden unsere Social Media Service und uns ermöglicht effektiv und an einer zentralen Stelle zusammenzuarbeiten.

Have you just taken a photo that you want to use in an article?
Simply upload with just a few clicks, write a few key points and your contribution will be created.

We are of course still available for you by phone, e-mail and in person.

the #postingwerkstatt web app.

You have full control thanks to the #postingwerkstatt web app.

Approval workflow for your contributions.

Digital ideas list for you, your employees and us.

All contributions already planned at a glance.

Reports with key figures and analyses.

Transparent pricing for our social media service.

Use our #postingwerkstatt configurator to put together your own offer transparently and easily!

We want you to see how we work in advance. At #postingwerkstatt, there are no hidden costs or surprisingly high bills.

Use the #postingwerkstatt configurator to put together your personalized scope of services with just a few clicks. The monthly terms for your configuration are displayed immediately. No email address or anything else is required.

f you still have any questions beforehand, we are of course always happy to receive your call or email!

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