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Jetzt die #postingwerkstatt für 3 Monate testen!

Vollumfängliche Betreuung der Social Media Kanäle Ihres Unternehmens.

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Vollumfängliche Social Media Betreuung durch die #postingwerkstatt

Effective collaboration via our web app

the #postingwerkstatt web app.

Approval workflow for your contributions.

Digital ideas list for you, your employees and us.

All contributions already planned at a glance.

Reports with key figures and analyses.

Vollständige Erstellung Ihrer Beiträge.

Professional post creation with the #posting workshop

Finding ideas together.

Writing texts / captions.

Create and edit images, graphics and videos.

Determine and optimise hashtags.

Planned publication of your contributions.

Daily interaction with other accounts

Adreana Community Manager #posting workshop

Actively like other, relevant posts.

Follow other relevant accounts.

Meaningful comments on other posts.

Answering and moderating messages

Moderation and replying to messages with the #posting workshop

Replying to direct messages.

Answering comments and questions.

Forwarding of specific enquiries.

Strategy and planning

Develop and optimise a social media strategy.

Define and track goals.

Common target group definition.

Analysing your competitors and rivals.

Get to know us!

Make an appointment with us and we will show you exactly how the #postingwerkstatt works and what a collaboration could look like.

Personal advice, by telephone or on site.

Presentation of our #postingwerkstatt web app.

We would like to get to know you and your company.

We connect companies with people via social media.

Not being active on social media as a company is not only a waste of opportunity, but can also have a negative impact on your public image.

Our mission is to utilise precisely these opportunities with and for our customers and to create a digital presence in the relevant social networks that takes your company further.

A web app that nobody else has.

We combine creativity with effectiveness and efficiency.

We have developed our #postingwerkstatt WebApp together with our customers and employees, creating a comprehensive and efficient solution that enables us and our customers to deliver our social media service with maximum effectiveness.

This leaves more time for creative ideas and realisation, while keeping costs and effort clearly within limits.

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